Low Key Plagiarism Through Twitter Likes

News 03:07 July 2020:

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It’s hard to find original content on the Internet nowadays. Someone somewhere would rewrite or spin your article into their own, calling it an “original” piece. One of the ways to do this is when someone sees something they like, on twitter for example, he or she could place twitter likes on the post, and repost it later.

Because your likes are archived, you could always go back to it whenever you want and repost it, in hopes the original author has forgotten about it. If you liked a tweet, all your twitter likes will be filed under favorites. You can always scroll back to the old tweets and either rewrite or repost the same thing on your twitter.

It’s getting challenging to challenge someone about online content because with sharing and viral, content get circulated widely that it can be difficult to track the original source. Plus, a person could always change several words to make it their own. If you were a serious writer, you would credit the original writer. But unfortunately, there are many people who don’t.