Low Key Plagiarism Through Twitter Likes

It’s hard to find original content on the Internet nowadays. Someone somewhere would rewrite or spin your article into their own, calling it an “original” piece. One of the ways to do this is when someone sees something they like, on twitter for example, he or she could place twitter likes on the post, and repost it later.

Because your likes are archived, you could always go back to it whenever you want and repost it, in hopes the original author has forgotten about it. If you liked a tweet, all your twitter likes will be filed under favorites. You can always scroll back to the old tweets and either rewrite or repost the same thing on your twitter.

It’s getting challenging to challenge someone about online content because with sharing and viral, content get circulated widely that it can be difficult to track the original source. Plus, a person could always change several words to make it their own. If you were a serious writer, you would credit the original writer. But unfortunately, there are many people who don’t.

Why you need to build a relationship with followers before you can attract a thousand twitter likes

Isn’t it just easy to pay ten dollars and get one thousand likes instead of working tirelessly for years before people can start noticing you on twitter? I wish it were as easy as it sounds. Quite frankly, not even an idle teen should risk their reputation or money on looking for fame the easy way? Instead, like the great and famous twitter user you would wish to be some day, work on building a strong relationship with your twitter followers.

It takes grit to get there yes, but the joy of getting a thousand twitter likes genuinely is more gratifying than anything else on twitter. And for writers, marketers and digital advertisers, having a strong relationship with your followers often lead to more sales and loyalty than quick direct salesmanship. So, how to build a strong relationship with followers? Start by honestly and genuinely informing or educating them with your tweets. Be transparent with how you answer questions and often send them shout outs.

Things I Should Know Before Getting Free Followers On My Social Media For My Business

You may have heard that getting free followers for the social media account for your business is a good thing. There’s some truth in this – if you know how to use it. These followers you get for free are not real followers; they’re dummy account created by the company you signed up with so they could follow your social media profiles.

If you’re considering getting free followers on your social media account for the purpose of helping your business, here are several important things that you should know:

  • They’re not real – Since they’re dummy accounts, don’t expect an increase in sale after your page started to receive many followers
  • You might get spammed – For some companies, they will not charge anything for the followers, but they might post spammy links in your comment section, usually advertising their company
  • It’s never really free – There will always be hidden charges that will surprise you even after you’ve cancelled your order with the company



Take your time to find the right one by reading genuine reviews done other real customers.

Could you be Banned for Using Free Likes?

Getting banned for any site could drastically affect what you have built for yourself online. You may lose the followers you have gained and also lose the popularity you had built for yourself. This is one of the things that worry most people before making the decision to use the free likes on their accounts. In as much as it is a free offer you may need to be cautious. Using a provider that just uses spam likes could harm your portfolio.

However there are those whose systems have been designed to provide you with the free likes without flagging the system. This is what you should look out for the most. The sites will offer the services in less than 24 hours which quite a catch. The benefits are very tempting but you need to be careful. The social media sites may flag your account if they not suspicious spam activity on it. It would also take time before you are allowed to use your account again.  This could also affect your followers who may leave because the spam could be affecting their accounts also.